Meet SF Priests

The diocesan priests who minister in the Archdiocese of San Francisco come from a variety of backgrounds, but one thing is the same: the Lord has chosen them for this vocation. Below are a few of their stories and how they heard the call of the Good Shepherd.

“We don’t always succeed, individually or as a Church, but it is special to belong to a presbyterate committed to trying to serve God and the People of God. Working and striving to share these ideals with and for the seminarians, younger priests, and the People of God makes life and ministry worthwhile for me.”

Rev. Stephen H. Howell

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“Do not be afraid. Our Lord will not lead you to a dead end, if you follow Him, He will take you places you cannot yet even imagine.”

Rev. Nicholas Case

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“Being a priest in San Francisco is great because it is such a beautiful place and there is a great diversity of the people in the Archdiocese.”

Rev. Roberto A. Andrey

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“What I enjoy the most about priestly ministry is celebrating the Mass. Second, I enjoy having the opportunity to teach others about the Catholic faith.”

Rev. Cameron Faller

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